Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Lisa Again (not for book covers this time)

Backstory (there always is one):

So, my wife and I were meeting a lady I used to work with a few years back. We picked her up at her workplace and then went looking for someplace to sit down, have a cup of coffee, a sweet or outright lunch, and just chat. And as we walked along George Street (that's in Brisbane, Australia) we chanced upon a passage to the back doors of some old establishments, and I saw this...

Interesting. All I had was an old iPhone 4S, so I went along that passage and found this...

Even better. A few more steps and turning left...

My companions, initially a tad skeptical about me going down a dingy passage, followed me down the rabbit hole—the one leading through the pretend phone booth—and we ended up in the bean cafĂ©.

Graffiti that tells you not to think? Seriously, what's there to think about? Just do it!

Lisa came to mind. Fun to work with. Someone who is willing to experiment with something 'different'. A great personality that shows in the pictures. Good looking. Predictable availability and doesn't have to travel very far. We'd done a somewhat crazy shoot at Caloundra before, and work well together. Lots of laughs. That's kinda important.

We picked a dress for her to wear and went to that same place one the middle afternoon, with darkness not too far away and coming quickly, as it does in Brisbane.

The people as bean were incredibly generous and helpful and took to it all with gusto. Great coffee (or so I'm told, since I don't drink that stuff anymore), good hot chocolate. Haven't tasted the food yet, but will do so soon. If you're a Brisbanite, do go there. If you're visiting the place, do so, too!

And these are some of the pics of Lisa.

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