Monday, April 4, 2016

Fourth Book Cover Shoot (Lisa)

Following on from here...

I've said this before and I'll say it again: I've been very lucky with the people who have participated in this project so far. And I've again found more reasons to understand why shooting people is infinitely more interesting than doing landscapes. Twenty years ago I wouldn't have believed that I'd say this, but I guess people change.

It's very educational to observe how every one of the people that have participated in this project have brought something else to it. Not necessarily related to the project specifically, but to the additional stuff that invariably gets shot. Like the warm-up shots, just to get to know each other and relax a bit. Or it's like "why don't we just try this?", just because one can. Reminds me a bit of how I write my novels. I basically know what I'm after and what the milestones are going to be, but what happens in between... Let's just roll with the crazy and unexpected. As long as it gets me there—or maybe even somewhere more interesting.

Lisa—subject #4—unlike the previous three participants, has an extremely high 'geek' factor; which is definitely a compliment! If you do fantasy book covers, loving fantasy and generally having a sense of the kind of artwork that goes with this, as well as the whole comic universe in general, is a definite plus.

Lisa brought that geek factor and the "I totally get what you're trying to do" to her shoot. She was also the first to ever respond to my original ad; and I'm glad that, despite some 'life-interferes' issues along the way, she decided to follow through.

I had a couple of cover concepts in mind for her, the first being the continued work on this one.

Mixing a real person and a rendered 3D figure doesn't quite do it for me. So...

By the time we shot this picture at my home, Lisa and I had spent two full hours at the seaside shooting stuff you'll see further below.

 And today, after some delicate PS work, we have this.

Getting there. Still needs work, but much better than the original.

There's at least one more existing-and-needing-improvement cover picture for which Lisa posed, but I'll show that once I've done some more compositing.

Plus there was another concept I'd just quickly thrown together years back. More of an idea, rather than something carefully thought out, if for no other reason but that I didn't have the story fully in my head yet. Just playing around with DAZ Studio—or maybe it was an older version of Poser. Forgot by now.

After some posing by Lisa on the rocky flats of Shelley Beach...

I can work with that.

Which takes us to the beach front, and bright sunlight, which gave sharp shadows. In this instance that actually worked perfectly.

Lisa provided the costume, since she's a cos player and has something suitable.

Warmup shots under some trees with lovely lights and shadow patterns.

Props coming up. Starting with bow and arrow; this time including some scenic shots that I might be able to use for something larger scale. (The guys on the bottom left of the first picture will die by cloning tool or cropping. TBD.)

I got shot quite a few times...

What didn't get shot was the annoying little dog that ran up to me at one stage and yipped and yapped for a few moments before zooming off again.

Probably just as well that Lisa—who stood high up on a ledge and would have had an excellent shot—refrained from following my suggestion to impale it with a suitably placed arrow.

Bow and arrow done, she kindly provided two toy handguns, which she wielded with occasionally fearsome expressions. Those looks could kill!

And for a wind-up at our place, a bit more craziness. Just because.

It was a long day, but a fun day. Which is as it should be.

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