Monday, March 21, 2016

Third Cover Shoot (Graham)

Following on from here...

So, it was The Assassin's turn. The model was Graham K. Furness, and he came out to our place and we went around our property and did some shooting where it looked wild and the grass had been deliberately not mowed—so I could do this shoot in what looked like wilderness.

Definitely a bow-and-arrow theme here, but then we went inside for some serious cover shooting.

And some bow-and-arrow themes again, just for the heck of it. And, yes, the images with the black background have the wall photoshopped away.

I photoshopped the image with the wall in the background—give me a green screen, please; it would make isolating the subject so much less time-consuming than using luminance!—and used to redesign  the concept for the Tergan cover. 

Below, the original design and underneath what I have so far, after an hour's work in PS. Not finished by any means, but it's a start. Definitely good to get rid of the garish colors of the original.

It occurs to me that I still need a model for Princess Evadne. We have a costume to suit the picture, but I'm looking somebody other than the 'warrior' type.

Also, it needs to be someone else but those who appear on other covers.

Anybody interested? If so, the specs are, approximately:
  • Brunette; long hair.
  • 170cm — 190cm height.
  • 25+ years.
  • 'Presence' (I know that's a tough one and hard to measure, but I'm looking for someone to project a credible 'regal' personality).
  • Willing to do this for TFP, plus a personal photoshoot of their choosing.
Contact me at or txt or phone at +61 450 091 735.

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