Thursday, March 17, 2016

Second Book Cover Shoot (Man Sit)

Following on from here...

Finally got my act together and completede second shoot. Actually, this one ended up as two shoots, one at our place, with the delightful Man Sit, and one with her and her remarkable artist-boyfriend Steve Bowerman. The first shoot was at our place, the second at Steve's studio/gallery in the Brisbane West End—a place well worth a visit; though with the Brisbane City Council's sell-out and remodeling of what should be protected remnants of the Brisbane of former days, the gallery won't be there for much longer. It appears that 'culture' takes a backseat to 'development' or whatever passes for it. Nothing new, unfortunately.

First shoot at our place in the 'country' was a combo, with some stuff I wanted to do for a submission to this year's IPA comp, then some free-style pics outside, followed by Man's many faces.

Seriously, what is it with women and swords? Give them one and they'll turn into Uma Thurman or Lucy Liu. It's like flicking a switch.

Mind you, I had Man pose for the image above with a wink to the classic Lucy Liu still below from Kill Bill 1. Not sure if Man was aware of it. But I think Lucy has a serious competitor in the "be afraid; be very afraid" department.

Next day in Steve's studio it was some more serious book cover work, using Steve as the 'Falcon' character from books 5 (Fontaine) and  6 (Tethys) of the Tethys series—only this cover is for book 6 (Aslam), which isn't actually completed yet, and may not be before the end of this year. But this is one of the pivotal scenes as it might play out.

Here are the original concept images for the cover. Might not use any of the backgrounds, but that is a side issue.

Here's Steve posing with Man decoratively draped across his arms. Not necessarily the best shot, but the one I used to try out the amended concept images.

And the revised concept images.

The toughest thing about all this? Doing the hair, especially Man's. Some very tricky PS work involved.

Concept works for me, though these images will need much more work to complete. But having the poses from real humans is just so much better!

Next up: The Assassin!

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