Sunday, February 14, 2016

Never Give Up

Some things I hate.
  • "Coming into town." Any damn town really, even though this line is a quote from the 'Drover' character in the movie Australia. A few select towns are exempt. Very few.
  • Traffic.
  • Cluttered beaches.
So, on Valentine's Day my wife and I went to Noosa Heads, Queensland, to do some location scouting in the Noosa National park. We thought we left home early, but by the time we got there—9 a.m.—the place was crowded, no parking space available anywhere near the National Park entrances, and the beach was littered with slabs of meat and bone in various states or torpor.


Trying to get something positive out of what looked like a wasted trip (100+ km each way) we trundled through the town for a while, ambled along a heavily-trafficked boardwalk along the tourist infested coastline. 

Compulsive me of course was looking for things to shoot. (With a camera! But you knew that, right?)

From the town itself I got these two pictures, which kinda made it worthwhile.

Chrome central.

Very young Scrub Turkey chick—but already out on the town! 

I also went into a shop selling 'art'. Expensive 'art'. Thousands of dollars for indifferent abstract paintings that would have been utterly obscure in their meaning hadn't it been for the titles and supporting blurbs explaining what they were all about. Plus 'decorative' landscapes. Almost all oversaturated so much it hurt the eye—even though, as I was assured, they were all done with a 'film' camera, and the name 'Hasselblad' thrown in, just to impress poor little me, carrying my trusty D610—and thinking to myself that there's a lot to be said for digital. And the frames. OMG!

And that was about it. Two snaps and a brief adventure in oversaturation land.

But fate favors the persistent. Often enough to be persistent, I think.

And so, driving home much sooner than intended, we stopped for a brief walk in the 32ÂșC heat (90+% humidity) at a beach along the way; just a few miles down the road, really.

Not quite as crowded and with some surprising objects of interest.

So, the trip wasn't quite in vain, even though we need to return to the original destination sometime soon.  And, yes, this could be a very cool and subtle backdrop for a model shoot. Just would have to make sure the sand around the grasses is left undisturbed.

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