Sunday, February 28, 2016

First Book Cover Shoot (Kelly)

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Well, finally, and after several weeks of getting things together, my wife and I finally managed to get together with the lovely Kelly at Shelley Beach (Caloundra, Qld, Australia) to see if we could make this work.

The southern part Shelley Beach is a rocky flat, which is covered by water at high tide and exposed to 100+m at low tide.

Last Friday afternoon, even at low tide, the swell driven by cyclone Winston was far higher than usual, and the flats were covered with wide expanses of shallow patches of water. Not ideal, but there were higher-lying areas.

Kelly brought a few outfits we were going to try. I brought props—short blunt sword, bow and arrows, etc. And a camera. My wife acted as a second shooter and also provided some documentation of 'the-making-of' type.

The light was just right, with the trees along the shoreline—on the flat as well as a small promontory—providing almost perfect shadows. Only problem was that at this time of day the sun settles very quickly and you really have to make the best out of the light while it lasts.

So, here are a few of the shots, with Kelly in various costumes and heroic poses, plus a few action-type shots. Some of the shots will be useful for cover design; others provided Kelly with some visible proof for her portfolio that she can do more than model your standard boring beach pictures. It was all new for her, but she did great; trying out poses that she'd obviously studied, based on concept images that I'd sent around to all of my little 'crew', as I like to think of them.


And for some monochrome images... 

A tweak with blue and yellow filters highlights Kelly's hair and darkens the sky.
The color original is right at the top.
Not a bad start. Some of the images will have the model isolated and superimposed on a new background. But it seems to me, like it may be a workable option to just remove the ocean and leave the rocks in some cases.

This is also a classic case of how, once you start interacting with real people, concepts meet reality and may be changed from their initial form. Been there before. It's a good thing—except for control freaks who have issues with going with the flow, of course! Life makes life so much more interesting.

Note: All the images above were imported to my Mac and subsequently processed in Capture One 9 Pro, without the use of any other software.

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