Monday, November 23, 2015

The Strange Ways of the Universe

I have what would nowadays probably be called a 'vintage' video camera, A Sony FX1—flagged at B&H Photo as "No Longer Available". It's been superseded by newer technology (what isn't, except for people?) and uses DV-tapes. Magnetic ones.

I bought in in New Zealand, years back, when I was hoping to build up a wedding video business; but then we left New Zealand and... well, things go as they go, and my poor FX1 has been lingering unused, safely stored away, awaiting its fate.

I've also been moving away from video, back to photography; and since newer DSLRs do pretty good HD video... well, what did I need the Sony for? So I tried to sell it.

And here comes the killer: Twice I had buyers who turned out to be scammers! Fortunately they were exposed both times, so no harm done, except for wasted time. And I ended up, as is implied by the first sentence of this blog, with the camera still in my possession. Which, it turns out, is just as well.

Why? Because, as I'm working to build a business, Owlglass Photo, in Brisbane, Australia—focused on photography, rather than video—it just so happened that I chanced upon these guys (having shared a workplace with the band leader for a few weeks).

Peperine just had a gig at The Zoo, and engaged me to video their performance and take some photos as well.

The video—yes, you guessed it: taken with my trusty vintage FX1—will have to wait until I have a decent sound track, but the photos taken by my second shooter—one of my daughters, as this is a bit of a family enterprise—while I was trying to film the band hand-holding the FX1 until my shoulders ached, across a seriously vintage wooden dance floor that made using a tripod impractical, turned out not so bad at all.

BTW, Peperine does cool music. Kinda retro, influences ranging from Beatles to Crowded house. If you live in Brisbane, try to look out on their FB page for more gigs. Definitely worth a visit.

Anyway, bottom line: I'm glad the FX1 wasn't sold. The cosmos giving me a hint? I'm still working on that one. If nothing else the lesson is that maybe hanging onto old gear isn't as silly as it may appear. And, yes, I still have a VHS VCR stashed away safely; just in case. And after the FX1 experience I'm definitely going to hold onto that one.

Anyway, here's Peperine at The Zoo, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Australia.

Nikon D610, 50mm,1.8 lens, ISO 5000, 1/125, f4.5, shutter priority, exp comp -0.7, AF-S mode. RAW. With the lighting it took a bit of work to tidy up the RAW files. Just as well I never do JPEG anymore.

And here is a composite image for their Facebook page.

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